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As an alternative investment adviser for professional and semi-professional investors looking for portfolio diversification into Private Equity investments, Moravia Capital Investments AG ("MCI") creates Customised Investment Solutions / Fund-of-Funds structures. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all investment products, but solutions that are far more customized and even personalized to individual investors.


In a structured process, key investment considerations and objectives are discussed and the most suitable solution created for the client. Special attention is paid to risk management, not only when analysing Private Equity funds but also in a portfolio context. MCI is continously screening and monitoring different risk parameters and adjusts the portfolio composition where necessary.


Reporting to clients follow the industry’s reporting guidelines defined by ILPA (International Limited Partners Association) and other leading associations such as Invest Europe.


Our investment professionals bring more than 50 years of combined Private Equity experience across a broad range of investment strategies and other corporate functions in the Private Equity industry with them. We have seen many up- and down cycles.


Our product offering includes a wide range of investment solutions such as Fund of Funds, Managed accounts and Advisory services for institutional investors such as Retirement Pension Plans, Insurance Companies, Foundations, Endowments and Family Offices.

Private Equity is our Passion.


 We don't view ourselves as merely an asset manager

but as a value-adding & longterm partner of yours!






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Moravia Capital Investments AG


Maximilianstr. 54


80538 Munich, Germany


T. +49 89 2000 190 0