Diversification. Solutions.


As an Alternative Investment Adviser, Moravia Investments offers Private Equity solutions for professional and semi-professional investors wanting to diversify their asset base.


With strong commitment and dedication, Moravia Investments seeks to be a longterm and trusted partner for its clients, irrespective of the size of their investments.


We are small enough to know our clients well so we can have informed conversations rather than academic lectures. Our client approach is based on experience, understanding and personal interaction.


Partnering with our clients and getting personally involved with the purpose of creating value and making an impact has always been the credo of our careers.

Private Equity is our Passion.


 We don't view ourselves as merely an asset manager

but as a value-adding & longterm partner of yours!






Where to find us:



Moravia Investments


Maximilianstr. 54


80538 Munich, Germany


T. +49 89 2000 190 0