fund of funds - one solution for all.

This investment solution offers our clients a single point of entry into Private Equity investing. We regard a Fund of Funds solution suitable for those clients who are relatively new to the asset class or who have a comparatively low allocation to Private Equity or a lean in-house investment team.


Fund of Funds can offer an efficient and easy way for starting and implementing a Private Equity programme with the following advantages:

  •  Investing into an existing Fund of Funds vehicle.
  • Quick access to Private Equity with smaller ticket sizes.
  • Low client resources required and low management cost.
  • Diversification and streamlined administrations.

The Fund of Funds solution can thus provide access to a portfolio of funds with great diversification across a broad set of private equity strategies, geographies and stages. Significant reduction of downside risk is therefore given!

Private Equity is our Passion.


 We don't view ourselves as merely an asset manager

but as a value-adding & longterm partner of yours!






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