Fund Of Funds - One Stop Solution

This investment solution offers our clients a single point of entry into Private Equity investing. We regard a Fund of Funds solution suitable for those clients who are relatively new to the asset class or who have a comparatively low allocation to Private Equity or a lean in-house investment team.


Fund of Funds can offer an efficient and easy way for starting and implementing a Private Equity programme with the following advantages:

  •  Investing into an existing Fund of Funds vehicle.
  • Quick access to Private Equity with smaller ticket sizes.
  • Low client resources required and low management cost.
  • Diversification and streamlined administrations.

The Fund of Funds solution can thus provide access to a portfolio of funds with great diversification across a broad set of private equity strategies, geographies and stages. Significant reduction of downside risk is therefore given!



Private Equity is our Passion.

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we thrive for making an impact to your portfolios by adding true value.



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