Managed accounts - Tailor made for you.

For clients seeking customized, tailor-made investment solutions based on their individual requirements, we provide managed accounts. Our Clients play an active role in determining their alternative investment strategy. Separate accounts can either be structured as a fund-of-one owned by the client or as a collection of direct investments in a client’s name.


Advantages are: 

  • Separately established programme – high minimum ticket size required (>USD 50 mn).
  • Offers a customized strategy suiting investor’s needs.
  • Higher control over strategy, limited client resources required, limited management involvement.


In all cases, we put special emphasis on understanding our client’s objectives in a wider portfolio context and developing the most suitable solution under consideration of legal, regulatory, tax and other requirements.

Private Equity is our Passion.


 We don't view ourselves as merely an asset manager

but as a value-adding & longterm partner of yours!






Where to find us:



Moravia Capital Investments AG


Maximilianstr. 54


80538 Munich, Germany


T. +49 89 2000 190 0